Studying English

Studying English on my own has been very difficult. At first I had to figure out what was my real level of knowledge of this language.
Nowadays there is a lot of material available to start practicing but it’s much better to start off with exercises more appropriate to your level.
I started reading fiction books way too complicated and watching movies where there was conversation too fast for me. Last year, I found many sites on the internet where there were audio and video in english, but slowy I understood that I should have started reading and listening easier topics.
Now I’m studying a grammar book and listening mp3 tracks for beginners. It seems easy to find your level, but it’s important to find your true level. It seems to me that my English has improved; slowy, but significantly. My vocabulary is larger, and I’m learning the grammar rules even if I have many problems with verbs. Now when I listen to an English audio I understand many words, definitely more than a few months ago.
In my fourties to study is very hard, my brain isn’t trained, however I’m happy for my actual English and I hope to continue this way.

Correct version from my professor

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