My City

This is a exercise for my english course:

Magenta, which is a city near Milano, has twenty thousand inhabitants. My city, founded by Celts, has many advantages, althought is amid to Milano and Novara, great city in Piemonte region, has around many green spaces and country. There is a great park of the river Ticino and Magenta is the city where is build a headquarter. The park, wild area, is only two kilometres far my city.
In Magenta lives many people who work in Milano beacause there is a direct railway, only twsnty minutes and the train come in Milano Central Station, in centre. I work in Milano, the Italy’s economic capital, and I travel by train.
Because Magenta is not a small city there are many supermarket, primary and secondary scholl, two cinema and a hospital like a moderm city.
As you can imagine the quality life is rathen than Milano, where there is smog and stress as in every big cities. However, there are a lot of advantages beacause the whether is very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter. Before to finish, I want tell you that I love Magenta, I love so much.

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